KILIM “Sukun and Salaam”

كليم "سُكُون وسَلَام"

With Egyptian threads and hands wrapped in silk, we present to you our new product for every home, the “Soon and Peace” Kleem collection. Completely handmade in Fowa, Kafr El-Sheikh 

Kilim is one of the handicraft industries that was known in Egypt, unlike the current period. When the industry began to decline, this had a negative impact on small workshops and their income, in addition to the skill of Egyptian craftsmen in handicrafts, which was at the forefront of all countries of the world and loved by our foreign tourists. We decided to start a new production line for our company to help Craftsmen and we also export it to the global market


We developed the usual kilim shape into kilims with modern designs, starting with the manufacturing material using soft, sterilized white Egyptian cotton, while writing on it with meaningful words in 6 different designs that suit every home, including wall kilims, carpet kilims, and cushion covers, and each piece in our collection is distinguished by the fingerprint of the craftsman who made it because it is made Completely manually.

We chose “Sukun” because at the end of each day we all like to find peace and tranquility in our homes, and also “Salaam” because always, at all times, with the various stages of our lives, we need peace in our homes, our relationships, and our work. The entire collection is inspiring for the beginning of your journey with “Sukun” - psychological peace. What you are striving to achieve

And he distinguishes it

100% Egyptian handmade
100% cotton and wool
Supporting the craft industry and its continued existence
Competitive prices
High quality
The kilim is presented in a strong cardboard box, and the cushion cover is wrapped as a gift
Payment online or upon receipt
Delivery to all countries of the world
free shipping


And to use the product correctly

It is best to clean or hand wash in cold water with non-bleach detergent

For stains: Scrub with gel cleanser and let air dry

The use of bleach and stain removers is not recommended

The product is for internal use, do not expose directly to the sun

 MANUFACTURE AND DELIVERY: The entire set is 100% handcrafted so expect delivery within 3-4 weeks


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