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 Five Minute Journal, we introduce our 2024 Arabic agenda.

The Five Minute Journal is a guided journaling method that takes just five minutes a day to complete. It is designed to help you cultivate gratitude, mindfulness, and positivity through 12 different topics that can lead to increased happiness, reduced stress focus on your goals, and achieve your full potential.

The Faraasha Arabic journal has a delightful light pink cover with a colorful butterfly design. It is a symbol of transformation and new beginnings, making it a perfect companion for your New Year journaling.

Tip Of The Day 2024 Agenda is designed around 12 key areas of focus: 

  • بوصلتك الضائعة 
  • خمسة دقائق كافية 
  • أنت..تجربتك الخاصة
  • كن واعيًا بمدخلاتك
  • أفضل نسخة منك
  • نقطة المنتصف
  • متنفس
  • لا تفرغ كوبك__
  • أثر الفراشة لا يزول 
  • ما يشبهك دائمًا أجمل
  • حلقة وصل 
  • لا تخفت بريقك

Tip Of The Day 2024 Agenda contains the following content:

  • 12 Mental health & productivity topics
  • >>> Full daily pages 
  • Wheel of feelings
  • Habit Tracker 
  • 20 Journal Prompts 
  • How to make an art journal
  • Dreams into beliefs 
  • Daily gratitude of the day
  • Weekly Tip Of The Day 
  • gratitude letter 
  • Mandela 

Arabic journal without the box: Change only the items

  • Agenda 400 Paper
  • Bookmark
  • 2 Coaster 
  • Gift Card 
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