16 reviews for Happiness jar Edition 2

  1. Nepal Elradad (verified owner)

    Needs more emotional love quotes

  2. Manar Ali (verified owner)

    2 برطمان السعادة Happiness Jar 2

  3. Ayman Alghamdi (verified owner)

    Great and premium product i love your store and the concept of it really fast shipping and great service
    Well done …

  4. Dr. Nissreen El-Saber (verified owner)

    هدية جميلة وناس محترمة .. شكراً جزيلاً

  5. Nasser Alafasy (verified owner)

    زي اللوز

  6. هاجر محمود (verified owner)

    جميل بجد حبيته

  7. Esraa Galal (verified owner)

    روعه ومؤثر وفعلا كل رساله بتيجى في وقتها

  8. Ashrakat Nashaat (verified owner)

    وصلتني في وقتها حرفيا ❤️ ليا واصلاني حالا وكان لازم اشكركم عليها في وقتها

  9. ياسمين حجازي (verified owner)

    برطمان السعادة ٢

  10. احمد محمد هريدي (verified owner)

    مبهج و بيتناول حاجات تشجع الجانب الايجابي
    المسؤول عن التوصيل كان غير لبق في التعامل

  11. Ahmed Abouzed (verified owner)

    EDITION 2 برطمان السعادة

  12. sherouk ragab (verified owner)

    2 برطمان السعادة

  13. شيماء مامون (verified owner)

    Love it so much

  14. Mohamed Souka (verified owner)

    برطمان السعادة -الإصدار الثانى

  15. S. (verified owner)


  16. amkhairat

    Fabulous idea. I got a few as a gift and they loved them.
    Delivery was on time, it was well packaged – wonderful!

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Happiness Jar – Second Edition:
Pick your message every day’s morning to start your day with positive vibes.
Our happiness jar includes 70 messages for you, your family, friends and employees about:
– Tasks
– Motivational quotes
– Prayers
Arabic Calligraphy tips
– Happy Messages
– Career tips
– Life tips
The Jar comes up with:
– 2 stickers (car/laptop)
– Gift Card “The Prophet consent the Gift”
– Car dangler

Our Social Responsibility:
20% of the jar’s profits are for charitable causes. We provide a job opportunity for women working from their homes by wrapping the paper messages inside the jar.

Happiness jar Edition 2

175 EGP

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