16 reviews for The Kindest Mother Coffee Box

  1. Sara Alsherbini (verified owner)

    Respectful company

  2. naif fallatah (verified owner)

    Amazing box with valuble items.
    They love it. Thanx for the quality you offer.

  3. Ghada Adel (verified owner)

    I recieved the order and i really liked it so much, great service and the delivery was perfect the package is well wrapped to avoid breaking.

  4. Rehab Kafafi (verified owner)

    Very nice gift

  5. Rawan Ahmed (verified owner)

    The box was very beautiful and unique my mom loved alot u made us happy thank you so much and thanks for the best service ♥️

  6. عمرو حسن (verified owner)

    منتجات غاية في الروعة والجمال

  7. Roba Aziz El-Deen (verified owner)

    الاوردر أتأكد تآني يوم ما عملته و كمان وصل بعدها بيوم و كل حاجة فيه كانت حلوة كعادة من tip of the day ♥️♥️♥️

  8. Aliaa Nassar (verified owner)

    Lovely gift, great quality.

  9. Hinama El khodabeya (verified owner)

    المنتج اللي اشتريته سئ جداا جدااا ومليان عيوب ولما كلمتهم قالو هيرجعوا الفلوس بعد ١٤ يوم وهيبدلوا المنتج ، لكن لغايه دلوقتي محدش اتحرك ، هديهم صفرر في كل حاجه في المنتج والمعامله اللي عاملوني بيها

  10. Salma Al-Mahdy (verified owner)

    It is so cute and beautiful and also the quality of materials are great. My mom loved it and is using it everyday. Thank you so much!

  11. Aya Osama (verified owner)

    الاوردر تحفه وعجب والدتي جدا هتفضلو ديما مميزين شكرا ليكم

  12. Aya Rawi (verified owner)

    أحن أم قهوتك بوكس⁩⁩ – The Kindest Mother Coffee Box

  13. محمد عادل عبد الحميد (verified owner)


  14. منةالله ناصر (verified owner)

    المنتجات رائعة وجودة ممتازة وافكار مميزة

  15. طارق عيسى (verified owner)

    Amazing different gift, my mom was so excited

  16. Ahmed Khattab (verified owner)

    The moment my mother laid her eyes on the box, she was so delighted, to say the least, from the contents to the soft color and basically everything, it was truly a magnificent gift to her, and the delivery process was quite satisfying, it was a great experience overall and I hope it won’t be the last.

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Memorable handmade gift
Coffee set with notebook, coaster, and Arabic car pendant Box content :
Hand Made Coffee Set pottery with gold imprint
A cup of pottery
Pottery plate
Notebook with gold stamp 80 sheets
10 subdivided papers with handwritten Quotes
Mandala coloring pages

The Kindest Mother Coffee Box

580 EGP

In stock

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