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Dream agenda box

Dream agenda box

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A dream agenda for every hardworking person who believes in their dreams. It will share your journey with you every day.
Our agenda asks you, “Have you tried being yourself?” It helps you answer through a number of topics and practical exercises.

Agenda division:
The agenda is 356 daily pages
▫️ Your holidays and events page
▫️ A page to evaluate your life balance
▫️ Your productivity rate page
▫️ The habit tracker to acquire new habits
▫️Your quarterly plan
▫️Suggestions for tools, applications, and websites to increase your progress
▫️ Each month has 12 themes, including: (Living the moment, giving, passion, treasure in the journey, continuity, the art of simplifying life, you and yourself, you and the other)
▫️ 12 exercises to learn more about the topics and how to apply them in your daily life
▫️ 58 handwritten letters – the tip of the day
▫️ Evaluation of the month
▫️ Gratitude today
▫️Mandela drawings for coloring

– Elephant-shaped pen holder
-2 sticker sheets
- 2 paper coasters
- 12 small gift cards
- Cardboard box


Agenda = 13.5 * 21 * 1.5 cm
Box = 15.5 * 23 * 4.5 s
– Weight = 1 kg

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