Our story

who are we

The “Tip Of The Day” journey began in 2013 with the company’s founder, M. “Hadeer Soliman” believed in the impact of positive words on our daily lives. Then a volunteer work team joined her who believed in her idea and helped her translate the messages into both English and French, so that a journey of happiness could begin from here from Egypt to all countries of the world!
The idea developed for the “Happiness Jar” and with its unexpected success and demand; We established our main company, “The Happiness Factory,” to include many different products. We offer office products such as agendas, handmade pottery, glass, and wooden products such as coffee sets in various versions, handmade carpets known commercially as “kilims,” and we also offer lifestyle products, including the Happiness Jar.

Our brand is the first in Egypt interested in providing the “Happiness Experience” by employing different types of happiness in the form of products made by Egyptian workers, with our constant keenness to provide job opportunities for craftsmen, especially after they were affected by the Corona economic crisis, as well as women working from their homes, and a percentage of The company's profits go to charity.

Our services are provided electronically through our website with the possibility of delivery to all countries of the world, and wholesale sales to stores. We also provide the service of making products for companies and charitable organizations.

Our products are made with love that reaches from us to the hearts of our customers to share with them their various moments, at the beginning and end of each day, in their journey to plan and reach their goals, in their search for gifts that suit their loved ones.
Behind every product is an inspiring story that distinguishes it and makes it a unique piece, starting with it being an idea on paper that reflects a good effect that was translated into reality with skilled hands to reach you, our beloved customer.